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2022-2023 Raffle Baskets

Because of the field conditions after all of the rain, Spring Fling has been pushed back to Wednesday 3/29.

Jessica's Food Truck and Jam Ice Cream will still be at Wednesday's event. We are waiting for confirmation from Las Gringas Tacos and will update as soon as we know. We have reopened the window to preorder Papa John's pizza - order from until 3/27 at 7pm for pickup at the event. If you need to cancel your previous pizza order please reach out to The Silent Auction end will be extended until 10pm on 3/29.

Class Raffle Baskets Info
Class Raffle Basket Photos

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Class Basket Photos


Frechette - Kitchen Gadgets

Hayes - Gardening

Church / Dudley - Bubbles

Bubble List.heic
Bubble Basket.heic

Endicott - Beach Bum

Beach Bum List.heic
Beach Bum Basket.heic

Hruby - Birthday in a Box

BIrthday List.heic
Birthday Basket.heic
First Grade

McDaniel - PlayDoh Fun

PlayDoh List.HEIC
PlayDoh Basket.HEIC

Lee - Barbie Boutique

Barbie List.heic
Barbie Basket.heic

Wirth - Let's Go Camping!

Camping List.heic
Camping Basket.heic

Benefiel - May The Force Be With You

Star Wars List.heic
Star Wars Basket.heic

Shaw - Nutty for Nerf

Nutty For Nerf List.heic
Nutty For Nerf Basket.heic

Hamme - Taco Tuesday

Taco LIst.heic
Taco Basket.heic

Holmberg - Tee Time

Tee Time List.heic
Tee Time Basket.heic

Sawkiewicz - School's Out For Summer Fun

Schools Out List.HEIC
Schools Out Basket.HEIC
2nd Grade

Meckes - Fidget Fun

Fidget List.heic
Fidget Basket.heic

Paxton - Ice Cream You Scream

Ice Cream List.heic
Ice Cream Basket.heic

Cooper - Can You Solve the Puzzle

Puzzle List.heic
Puzzle Basket.heic

Noonan - Dog Days

Dog Days List.heic
Dog Days Basket.heic

Robertson - Easter

Easter List.heic
Easter Basket.heic

Stephenson - I Want S'more

Smores Basket List.heic
Smores Basket.heic

Rogers - Rise and Shine

Rise and Shine List.heic
Rise and Shine Basket.heic

Washam - Snack Attack

Snack Attack List.heic
Snack Attack Basket.heic
3rd Grade

Eaddy - Weird Science

Weird Science List.heic
Weird Science Basket.heic

Warner - Pamper Yourself

Pampering List.heic
Pampering Basket.heic

Behnke - Go Heels!

UNC Basket List.heic
UNC Basket.heic

Chase - Go Pack!

Go Pack List 2.heic
Go Pack Basket.heic

Sheckler - Purr-fect Pet

Purr-fect Pet List.heic
Purr-fect Pet Basket.heic

Ramirez - Gift Gards Galore

Gift Cards Galore List.heic
Gift Cards Galore Basket.heic

Hale - Art Mania

Art Mania List.HEIC
Art Mania Basket.HEIC

Conrade - Gamers Galore

Gamer’s Galore List.HEIC
Gamer’s Galore.heic
4th Grade

Birecree - Baking

Baking Basket List.heic
Baking Basket.heic

Baldwin - Family Game Night

Family Game Night List.heic
Family Game Night Basket.heic

Hussey - Let's Make Slime

Slime List.heic
Slime Basket.heic

Watkins - Pool Day

Pool Party List.heic
Pool Party Basket.heic
5th Grade

Powell - Caffeine Fix

Coffee List.heic
Coffee Basket.heic

McManus - Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy List.heic
Aromatherapy Basket.heic

Goldstein - Dining Out

What_s For Dinner List.heic
What_s For Dinner Basket.heic

Jensen - Family Movie Night

Movie Night List.heic
Movie Night Basket.heic

Hickcox - Lucky Lottery

Lucky Lottery List
Lucky Lottery

Beickert - Water Water Everywhere!

Water Water Everywhere List.heic
Water Water Everywhere Basket.heic
Raffle Baskets Info
Our classrooms have prepared 39 amazing themed baskets that will be on display at Spring Fling on 3/27. Drop in your raffle tickets under the baskets for a chance to win! Winners will be chosen live at the event beginning at 6:45. Raffle tickets will be on sale until 6:15 at the Spring Fling event, in quantities of 1 for $1 or 25 for $20. Debit/credit can be used for purchases with a $20 minimum.
You can preorder tickets until 3/21 at to avoid standing in line on the night of Spring Fling. Tickets can be ordered until 3/21 and will be sent home with students. Plan to give yourself time to fill out the student name/teacher/grade on each ticket (or your name and phone number if not a student). Preordered tickets can be purchased as 5 for $5, 10 for $10, or 25 for $20.
Every SRE student will receive 5 raffle tickets the week of 3/20. They will have a chance to view the baskets and use their tickets with their class in the Media Center during the day on 3/24 & 3/27. Students can bring any of their own preordered tickets to place under baskets in the Media Center from 8:45-9:10 on 3/24 & 3/27.
Baskets will be showcased here and on the SRE PTA social media accounts.
Raffle Basket Photos
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